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Atlanta mother and young daughters killed in fiery Indiana crash

A 35-year-old Atlanta woman and her two daughters were among seven people killed in a fiery crash on Interstate 65 near Roselawn, Indiana, late in the evening of August 15. The group (including four children in all) was in a Jeep that was crushed between two tractor trailers.

Indiana State Police officials said that the truck accident occurred when the Jeep and a tractor trailer just ahead of it slowed down near a work zone on the northbound I-65. They said that another tractor trailer, which was behind the Jeep, failed to slow down. It rear-ended the Jeep, which was driven by the Atlanta woman. The Jeep became sandwiched between the two trucks and burst into flames.

According to first responders on the scene, the Jeep was completely engulfed in flames at least thirty feet high when they arrived. They said that there were no skid marks, which indicated to them that the tractor trailer that rear-ended the Jeep did not brake, and hit the Jeep at a high speed.

In addition to the Atlanta woman and her two daughters, ages five and seven, two other adults and two young children, ages three and five, were killed in the crash. Those four passengers were from nearby Merrillville, Indiana.

Indiana State Police note that this is a grim reminder of the importance of slowing down whenever there is road work being done. It is also a wake-up call that when a passenger vehicle gets into an accident with a large truck, the smaller vehicle and its occupants usually fare much worse than those in the larger vehicles. According to authorities, the driver of the tractor trailer in front of the Jeep was not injured. The driver of the truck that struck the Jeep was hospitalized.

Although no amount of money can bring back a loved one who has died in a vehicle accident, the person who caused the accident can and should be held responsible. Anyone who has lost a family member in an accident should seek the counsel of an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. Lawyers can help ensure that the surviving family members receive appropriate compensation to cover expenses, and for pain and suffering.

Source: NBCChicago.com, "7 Dead When Jeep Crushed Between Two Semis" Emily Florez, Aug. 26, 2013

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