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What is being done to reduce truck accidents in Georgia?

For years, many public safety officials have wrestled with the issue of drivers using electronic devices while driving. Two separate agencies have now issued restrictions against commercial vehicle drivers using electronic devices to text while working.

On a website last updated Dec. 5, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration now says that it will begin implementing penalties and fines for commercial motor vehicle drivers caught texting on electronic devices while driving at work. Commercial drivers now face disqualification if caught violating the ban and multiple offenders can also be fined up to $2,750.

Forum highlights why Georgians should care about tire safety

It seems as though stories about vehicle recalls are always in the news. Now drivers in Georgia and nationwide have something else to worry about -- the safety of their tires.

The National Transportation Safety Board organized a forum to discuss ways to reduce the hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in accidents every year that are linked to tire problems.

Your Georgia whistleblower lawsuit and legal procedure

On another page of our website we discuss how both state and federal government laws provide benefits and protections for individuals filing whistleblower lawsuits. A whistleblower is someone with unique information regarding individuals or corporations who seek to defraud taxpayers by filing false claims against government agencies.

The False Claims Act is a federal law which was enacted in 1863 primarily as a way to curtail war profiteering during the U.S. Civil War. The FCA remains in effect still today, but has expanded its protections to all manner of fraud and waste committed against the federal government. Under the FCA, a private citizen with unique knowledge of some fraudulent activity can file a lawsuit and recover a portion of the amount recovered by the government.

Why Georgia parents should look at their children's playgrounds

This fall, we told you about concerns over the "crumb rubber" used on many youth soccer fields. Cancers like leukemia and lymphoma were showing up in goalies who had repeated exposure to the material.

Now parents of young children are expressing concern that the playgrounds on which their youngsters spend hours of their day are increasingly made from shredded rubber obtained from old tires. Known as "rubber mulch" or "rubber infill," it has replaced wood chips and gravel in many city playgrounds, schools and daycare facilities. It's even used on the White House playground.

What does apportionment mean in my Georgia car accident lawsuit?

In Georgia, observing long-standing traditions are an integral part of how we stay connected to our shared history. The same is true with many of our legal practices. For example, for over 100 years, Georgia recognized the legal principle of joint and several liability. Put plainly, this principle held that if two persons combined to produce an injury, the person injured could then sue either responsible party for the full amount of their damages.

Imagine a drunk motorist that injures another motorist who was speeding at the time of the accident. Prior to 2005, Georgia law permitted either of those parties to sue for the entire amount of damages. As you might imagine, this often created unfairness because one party might have actually contributed to the accident much more than the other.

How Georgians can ensure that auto recall repairs are made

This year could certainly be known as the year of the auto recall. Between the General Motors recalls due to faulty ignition switches and the recent recalls because of faulty Takata air bags, many drivers have been nervous about the safety of their vehicles. As of October, over 56 million vehicles in all had been recalled.

As we have noted here before, the auto recall system is not perfect. Notices don't always go out immediately after a problem is noted. People can buy used cars that have unrepaired recall issues. Sometimes, notices go out before dealers have the parts to make the needed repairs.

Georgia class-action lawsuits and securities fraud

Class-action lawsuits benefit plaintiffs who share a common loss due to negligent or fraudulent actions. By banding their claims together, plaintiffs can sometimes level the playing field against large corporations or other powerful defendants.

A good example of this class-action lawsuit leverage is when stockholders join together to sue companies in which they believe fraudulent or misleading activity has occurred. Taken individually, a shareholder filing a claim alleging that corporate executives engaged in misrepresenting stock prices is placed at a distinct disadvantage. However, the chances of successful litigation can improve dramatically when those same plaintiffs join their claims together into a single class action case.

Crash tests reveal 'dire' problems with 3 minivans

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released the results of its latest "small overlap front crash" tests. The results may be disturbing to a number of minivan owners here in Georgia who believe that these vehicles provide a safe way to transport their family around town and on vacations.

Three of the four vehicles tested in this latest round had what the IIHS termed "dire" results. As the IIHS notes, these front overlap tests simulate what will happen if a vehicle "collides with another vehicle or an object such as a tree or a utility pole."

Understanding truck accidents and their commercial practices

In a previous blog post, we touched on the competing interests of commercial truck companies and public safety officials. Commercial trucking companies are in business to make profits while transporting goods. Alternatively, officials who are tasked with maintaining public safety have a duty to prevent tractor-trailers from placing motorists in unnecessary danger.

Unfortunately, the result of those competing goals has resulted in some trucking companies attempting to circumvent state and federal trucking regulations. Far too many accidents occur when trucking companies coerce their drivers into driving while they are fatigued. Other trucking companies attempt to skirt the law by overloading their vehicles or operating trucks with shoddy maintenance and substandard parts.

Woman burned to death in vehicle recalled for fuel tank issues

Car makers are under increasing pressure from the government to recall vehicles with product defects and make the parts available for the recall repairs without delay. However, not all recalled vehicles get the necessary fixes for a variety of reasons. There are a number of vehicles being driven that are dangerous to those in them as well as those on the road around them.

On Veterans Day, a 23-year-old pregnant Michigan woman lost her life when the 2003 Jeep Liberty SUV she was driving was hit from behind. Her SUV struck another vehicle, rolled over and caught fire. The young woman perished from smoke inhalation and burns.

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