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Georgia class-action lawsuits and securities fraud

Class-action lawsuits benefit plaintiffs who share a common loss due to negligent or fraudulent actions. By banding their claims together, plaintiffs can sometimes level the playing field against large corporations or other powerful defendants.

A good example of this class-action lawsuit leverage is when stockholders join together to sue companies in which they believe fraudulent or misleading activity has occurred. Taken individually, a shareholder filing a claim alleging that corporate executives engaged in misrepresenting stock prices is placed at a distinct disadvantage. However, the chances of successful litigation can improve dramatically when those same plaintiffs join their claims together into a single class action case.

Crash tests reveal 'dire' problems with 3 minivans

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released the results of its latest "small overlap front crash" tests. The results may be disturbing to a number of minivan owners here in Georgia who believe that these vehicles provide a safe way to transport their family around town and on vacations.

Three of the four vehicles tested in this latest round had what the IIHS termed "dire" results. As the IIHS notes, these front overlap tests simulate what will happen if a vehicle "collides with another vehicle or an object such as a tree or a utility pole."

Understanding truck accidents and their commercial practices

In a previous blog post, we touched on the competing interests of commercial truck companies and public safety officials. Commercial trucking companies are in business to make profits while transporting goods. Alternatively, officials who are tasked with maintaining public safety have a duty to prevent tractor-trailers from placing motorists in unnecessary danger.

Unfortunately, the result of those competing goals has resulted in some trucking companies attempting to circumvent state and federal trucking regulations. Far too many accidents occur when trucking companies coerce their drivers into driving while they are fatigued. Other trucking companies attempt to skirt the law by overloading their vehicles or operating trucks with shoddy maintenance and substandard parts.

Woman burned to death in vehicle recalled for fuel tank issues

Car makers are under increasing pressure from the government to recall vehicles with product defects and make the parts available for the recall repairs without delay. However, not all recalled vehicles get the necessary fixes for a variety of reasons. There are a number of vehicles being driven that are dangerous to those in them as well as those on the road around them.

On Veterans Day, a 23-year-old pregnant Michigan woman lost her life when the 2003 Jeep Liberty SUV she was driving was hit from behind. Her SUV struck another vehicle, rolled over and caught fire. The young woman perished from smoke inhalation and burns.

How long do I have to file a whistleblower lawsuit?

The False Claims Act is sometimes also referred to as the federal whistleblower's lawsuit act. Put rather simply, the law provides protections to whistleblowers who sue individuals or corporations engaging in defrauding the government. The law provides incentives for individuals with unique knowledge of such wrongdoing to come forward on behalf of the government. If successful, the whistleblower is often entitled to receive 15 percent of the total amount taken from the government through fraudulent practices.

In most circumstances, the statute of limitations to file whistleblower lawsuits is six years from the latest violation of the FCA. However, the law says that the statute of limitations can also be reduced to within three years of the violation in cases where the government either knew of the fraud or should have likely detected the activity on its own. In either circumstance, a whistleblower must begin their claim against fraudsters within 10 years after an FCA violation occurred.

Man charged with homicide, DUI in fatal Georgia crash

Yet again, according to the Georgia State Patrol, a driver under the influence of alcohol and drugs has claimed the lives of others on Georgia's roads. The victims were a Woodstock, Georgia, couple in their 50s who had been college sweethearts back in the 1980s.

The collision occurred on the evening of Oct. 30 on Interstate 75 near Adairsville. According to law enforcement authorities, a 50-year-old man from Tennessee driving a BMW struck the couple, who was in a Ford Explorer. The crash reportedly caused the Explorer to go off an embankment. Both the husband and wife died at the scene.

Some general statistics on truck accidents in Georgia

In one of our previous posts, we discussed the problems associated with vehicle accidents involving striking the rear of commercial tractor-trailers. The underride guardrails found on many commercial trucks have been shown to unnecessarily increase the risks associated with such accidents. Many occupants of cars, light trucks and SUVs have suffered catastrophic smashing or shearing traumas and other horrific injuries in accidents in which their vehicles were pushed underneath the rear ends of commercial tractor-trailers.

Although there are not yet any specific numbers of just how many Georgia motorists have been injured or killed in such accidents, we do have some general statistics related to truck accidents throughout the state. In a report issued by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, there were 153 fatalities in 2012 involving large trucks along Georgia roads. To put that number into perspective, the statistics also indicate there were only 24 occupants of large trucks that were involved in those fatalities during that same year. The logical assumption is that many more motorists perished during those encounters than their truck driving counterparts.

Pollution can cause physical, financial harm to Georgians

Despite local, state and federal environmental laws, we face a multitude of dangers from environmental contamination. Large events of contamination, such as the BP oil spill, receive a good deal of media attention. However, some contamination occurs over time, and people don't become aware of it until they start to experience the consequences.

Sometimes, the companies responsible for the contamination can be held criminally responsible. However, even if they are not, those harmed by contamination can pursue environmental claims against the responsible company.

Some important Georgia auto accident statistics

For most Georgia residents, operating a motor vehicle is a basic necessity of daily life. We rely heavily on our cars to get us to work, school and to complete just about all of our most important daily functions. Our reliance on our vehicles ensures that a certain percentage of us will experience an auto accident at some point in our lives.

A recent report issued by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety has revealed some statistics regarding auto accident injuries and fatalities that should interest even casual Georgia motorists. The report tracked auto accident statistics between 2005 through 2011. The following are some of the most notable findings in the report:

Air bags may explode in hot, humid states like Georgia

Air bags made by Takata Corp. have resulted in the recall of almost 8 million vehicles in this country within the last year and over 16 million around the world since 2008. At least four deaths have been attributed to the air bag defect.

The air bags have reportedly inflated too forcibly. This has reportedly caused drivers and passengers to be injured and killed by parts spraying from the air bags upon impact. The problem seems to be more prevalent in warmer areas like Georgia and Florida.

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